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Hospital brief introduction

Brief introduction to Shandong Provincal Hospital

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  Despite ups and downs, Shandong Provincial Hospital (SPH for short)has forged ahead over the past one hundred and twenty years. 2017 marks the 120th anniversary of its founding. During the construction of Jiaoji railway, the German Catholic Church in 1897 founded the “Alliance's Hospital for Soldiers” in Dongxiangli, Weier Road, Jinger Road, Jinan, which was the prototype of SPH. The hospital has changed its name to “Jinan Hospital under the Ministry of Civil Affairs and Railway for Garrison in Qingdao” and “Tongren Society Jinan Hospital” respectively in 1915 after the Japanese occupation of Shandong. The hospital was taken over by the Kuomintang’s Provincial Government of Shandong in 1945, which was originally called “Shandong Provincial Hospital”. In 1948, the hospital returned to the people when Jinan was liberated. Over the past 120 years, medical practitioners from generation to generation worked hard to blaze the trail after liberation; they seized the opportunity to ride the tide against the backdrop of reform and opening up; they remain committed to scientific development and excellence in the new century. The hospital has written a brilliant chapter in the history of Shandong’s medical and health course and it is making striking progress in development.

  SPH is well-known for its profound history. It has evolved into a large-scale comprehensive Three-A public hospital undertaking the tasks of medical care, teaching, scientific research, preventative care and guidance for local medical practices. Meanwhile, it is also known as Shandong Provincial Hospital Group, Provincial Hospital Affiliated to Shandong University, Shandong Red Cross Society Hospital and Shandong Institute of Clinical Medicine. SPH consists of central hospital and east hospital. It opens 3,500-odd beds, handles more than 3.5 million annual outpatient visits, discharges 140,000 patients per year, performs 69,000 annual surgeries. In this sense, the hospital ranks first for comprehensive medical service in the province. SPH has become top-notch in Shandong and has been well-known nationwide, which can be evidenced in rankings, such as No. 42 in Chinese Hospital Ranking by Fudan University, No. 16 for Comprehensive Strength in East China, and No. 34 among Top 100 Chinese Top Hospitals. The time-honored SPH has become a top hospital in Shandong and one of the well-established hospitals nationwide.

  SPH has been committed to excellence, sincerity, humanity and harmony, which leads its way in medical skills. SPHers over generations have devoted themselves to safeguarding the health of people with great love and superb medical services. A number of medical skills have pioneered in China. As the only medical institution qualified for organ transplantation in Shandong, the LDLT (living donor liver transplantation) takes the lead in China. The treatment of Debakey I aortic dissection and minimally invasive transthoracic VSD occlusion stay ahead domestically. The application of dermabrasion in deep partial thickness burn wounds has been extensively popularized in domestic hospitals. Hearing reconstruction, auricularis nerve and lateral skull base surgery and aural vertigo are advanced in China. Assisted reproduction technology reaches the international advanced level.

  SPH carries forward the centennial tradition of medical spirit while it brims with vigor and vitality. Departments have sprung up, pioneered and taken the lead in different fields of medicine. To build a specialization-oriented hospital, SPH has established Shandong Children's Hospital, Shandong Provincial Orthopedic Hospital, Shandong Provincial Stomatological Hospital. SPH is home to 119 clinical and medical departments, 10 national key clinical specialties, 13 Taishan Scholar posts, 29 provincial key clinical specialties and clinical medicine research centers, 14 clinical medicine research institutes. The modern SPH features complete disciplines, outstanding strength and strong momentum. SPH is the only hospital in Shandong province, whose 26 disciplines are all listed in the 2016 Ranking of Scientific Strength among Chinese Hospitals. Five disciplines such as ENT, endocrinology, burn, plastic surgery and thoracic surgery rank in China’s best specialties ranking.

  SPH boasts its high-caliber professionals from generation to generation. There are 5 Dual Academicians, 14 “Taishan Scholars” in Shandong Province (3 overseas Taishan Scholars), 2 experts chosen in the National Talents Project (first level), 22 experts making outstanding contribution at the provincial level, and 49 experts who receive a special government allowance fromthe State Council, and 927 with senior professional titles. 405 graduate supervisors include 103 doctoral supervisors. There are forty-three professionals serving in national professional committees, one chairman-elect in Chinese Medical Association, nine vice chairmen and executive members, and 136 chairmen and vice-chairmen in the medical associations at the provincial level.

  SPH devotes itself to advanced medical skills and innovation. The hospital has been awarded two National Invention Awards, two second prizes in the National Award for Progress in Science &Technology, 14 first prizes at the provincial and ministerial levels. One top prize in the Award for Science & Technology of Shandong province was claimed by the hospital in 2013. Over the past five years, SPH has undertaken 912 research projects of all kinds and obtained 160 million yuan worth of scientific research fund, an increase of 102% and 216% respectively over the 11th Five-Year Plan period. More than 1,000 papers have been included in SCI(E). SPH has won 141 awards above the department level, including 49 awards above the provincial level, two top prizes in the Award for Science & Technology of Shandong province, four first prizes, twenty-two second prizes, twenty third prizes at the provincial level, and one international cooperation prize., SPH in 2016 ranks No. 5 and No. 11 respectively in the number of invention patents and SCIE theses.

  SPH remains committed to public welfare. The hospital adheres to the mission of saving and valuing lives and devotes itself to safeguarding people’s health. “Full reservation” treatment model leads its way in the province. The benefit of public services by SPH has reached out to people. Quality nursing care and medical services have raised satisfaction among patients. More than 400 physicians at all levels offer assistance to people in Qinghai, Tibet, Africa, and rural areas in China. Their assistance benefits people living in borders as far as Tanzania, Seychelles, and Zambia. SPH disaster relief team does its due part in accidents like Sinopec Qingdao pipeline explosion and Kunshan devastating explosion in Jiangsu Province, and major social activities like the Tenth China Arts Festival, the 22nd International History and Science Conference.

  SPH sets the standard of excellence to promote medical reform. Founded in 2004, Shandong Provincial Hospital Group is composed of Shandong EYE & ENT Hospital, Shandong Maternity Hospital, Shandong Imaging Medical Research Institute, Shandong Dongying Hospital, Shandong Heze Hospital. In response to the call of the State, the hospital has incorporated 29 affiliates into the medical union and has constructed a telemedicine center covering more than 500 primary medical units. Therefore, high-quality medical resources can reach out to people in communities. SPH spearheads public health of Shandong province and boosts the development of Healthy China course. Over the years, it has claimed the honorary titles of “National Model Role in Health System", “China’s Top 10 Hospital with Quality Service ", “National Top 100 Hospital", "National Role Model of Civilisation”, “National First Unit of Innovative Management”, “National Model Hospital for Reform and Innovation” and “National Standard Bearer of Hospital Culture”.

  SPH does not forget why it started one hundred and twenty years ago, and it embarks on a new journey. In the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, SPH never forgets why it started, bears in mind its mission and assumes the responsibility without hesitation against the backdrop of Health China. Under the strong leadership of the provincial party committee and provincial government and the provincial health and family planning commission in the new era, SPH will hold high the great banner, embark on a great journey to realize China Dream, and remain committed to building a state-level hospital measuring up to international standards, and continue to write a more brilliant chapter in the future.